Krista has been in the educational world for over a decade now.  Originally from the state of New York, she received her masters in English and Education from the University of Buffalo and an undergraduate degree in science and theatre from New York University.  Krista began her career as a long term substitute in many areas such as: English, Latin, French, Spanish, Chemistry, Physics, and Action Science.  This wide range of experience has helped considerably in her credit recovery and tutoring positions.  Currently a 12th grade English teacher at Hastings High School, Krista has had a lot of experience in both the middle school and high school at a variety of different grades teaching both English and Latin.  This, along with her yearly positions as a summer school teacher and a credit recovery teacher, shows that Krista truly enjoys helping students reach their full academic potential.

When not teaching (is there such a time?), Krista enjoys spending time with her husband and family by traveling, cycling or just hanging out.  Interesting fact is that Krista’s family has a long running connection with the Walt Disney Corporation and she, herself, worked at Walt Disney World as Alice for 9 years.