Summer Tutoring with Grand Rapids Tutors

Summer is no doubt a time to relax and recharge, however summer learning loss is a legitimate concern and should be supplemented with summer tutoring or help from home. A recent study, from the NWEA, has shown that 7th graders have lost a whopping 50% of their reading comprehension over just the summer period. Not only does it detrimentally impact their current knowledge of critical skills and concepts, it can negatively impact their future success. To combat this, a healthy combination of tutoring, at-home activities and summer relaxation should be achieved.

Incorporate Summer Tutoring to ensure that your child stays up to date on their most demanding subjects.

We suggest that your child spends 2 hours a week (That’s it!) furthering their education through the summer. This is a minimal investment for a great start to the new school year!

Our tutors will come prepared with extended learning activities to ensure that your child has sufficient work throughout the tutoring session.

Summer Tutoring Outline

  • Tutors will review any difficult material from the previous school year so they're aren't behind and ready for the next grade (*bridges the gap from one grade/year to the next). Keep all of your tests/homework from the school year!

  • Tutors will continue to create a basic foundation for reading, math and other areas (practice essential skills).

  • For students preparing for tests, summer allows students to focus on ACT/SAT test prep without the distractions of other school work and activities that often happen during the school year.

  • Tutors will help prepare students for the new school year ahead and get started on the right foot.

summer Resources

  • GR Kids - Activities, classes and events for kids in the Grand Rapids area.

  • Grand Rapids Summer camps - this is a list of summer camps in the Grand Rapids area.

  • YMCA Summer Day Camps - Summer day camps provided by the GR YMCA.

  • Khan Academy - Great resource to supplement tutoring. Work with your tutor to develop lessons and workbooks from the Khan Academy suite of software.