How does Grand Rapids Tutors match a tutor to my child?

Grand Rapids Tutors has two types of tutors. Certified Teachers and Educators with significant tutoring experience.  We learn about the your child and match a tutor to suit their needs.  We believe that the best tutors are active educators and strive to match your child with a teacher who has experience teaching the subjects where your child needs the most support.

How do you ensure quality tutors?

Our tutoring model lends us to hiring quality and experienced tutors.  We only hire tutors who are licensed to teach, aspiring educators, or very experienced tutors.  All tutors go through a rigorous interview process as well as an extensive background screening.  We believe that professional educator's make the best tutors and believe that there is no substitute for classroom experience in helping student's succeed.

How does billing work? Do I pay the tutor directly?

We ask that you please do not pay our tutors directly.  We bill for tutoring services via our Teachworks Scheduling system and request payment via Credit Card or check within 10 days of the invoice.  You can send your checks to our address on the contact us page.

What is your cancellation policy for scheduling tutoring sessions?

We kindly ask that you cancel directly with your tutor at least 24 hours before the session is to take place.  If an emergency arises, please contact your tutor to arrange a new time.  If for any reason, the tutor arrives and you do not show up, we will have no choice but to bill you for that hour.

How much does tutoring cost?

Visit our Pricing page for more details.

What is the length of a tutoring session?

All tutoring sessions run for a minimum of one hour.  If your child needs more time, then arrange with your tutor and they will mark the time on their timesheet.  Our scheduling is very flexible and is geared towards the needs of your child.

In what ways does the tutor support my child outside of the tutoring session?

We encourage families to rely on their tutor for professional recommendations for extra help and/or ways that the families can additionally support their child.  We also encourage our tutors to reach out to the student's teacher (with parent permission) to better understand their learning.  We believe that our tutors should be a part of a team to support your child.

What type of background screening do your tutors go through?

All of our tutor's are subject to a Criminal Background check through Grand Rapids Tutors.  We take seriously the security and safety of all our clients and expect our tutors to be professional educators.  In addition, all of our tutors have classroom experience and have gone through rigorous background checks with their specific educational institutions.  

What if I am at all unsatisfied with my tutor?

We will happily credit you for your session and work with you to find a new match.  We only ask that you give us usable feedback about the reasons that you are not satisfied so we can continue to work towards creating the best service possible in the Grand Rapids area.